Lake Ruby is a 19-acre gravel pit, set in the heart of the Champaign Region in France near the small village of Martinicourt Goncourt. The lake is approximately 3 1/2 hours drive from Calais, hosts a maximum of 12 anglers and has over 300 carp, including 30’s 40’s and 50’s with a lake record of 58Lb.

The Stock

Over 100 carp were stocked in January 2019, with the largest of our residents now weighing 58lb+. Further stockings took place February 2020 and March 2023 as part of an ongoing stocking programme. When you consider the natural food larders in Lake Ruby, combined with anglers additional particles, pellet and boilies, along with our feeding programme, this is the reason we are seeing exceptional weight growth.

There are no crayfish, poisson chat, grass carp or nuisance species in Lake Ruby.


Our facilities can all be found in our newly built and fully furnished lodge. These include kitchen, toilets, hot shower and washing facilities along with a bait freezer, fridge for cold drinks and BBQ area.


You certainly get your fair share of water per swim and there’s always the opportunity to move swims should you wish. With the modern carp angler in mind from the outset, nine sizeable swims have been constructed around the lake to ensure maximum comfort during your weeks stay. Most swims can easily host two bivvies or shelters, and all have been fitted with a weigh post. There are 4 large double swims, 5 large single swims all with a gravelled finish.