At Lake Ruby we offer a range of carp fishing holiday packages at affordable prices to suit any angler. From your typical drive and survive carp fishing experience to lake exclusive bookings and food package options.

All our holidays are ideal for groups of anglers looking to have a social, perhaps a beer and a BBQ, along with catching some lovely carp along the way.

Single AnglerLake Exclusive
Year 2024 £250£1,600
Year 2025 £275£1,750

Prices are subject to availability. We also offer an interest free monthly repayment plan.

Food Package

All our food is prepared on site in our newly built kitchen. The food package is £140 (€150) per angler and includes a breakfast and evening meal. There are a range of dishes available, and the menu is adaptable to your tastes and needs. Please let us know if you have any allergies or dietary requirements when you book with us. Food packages need to be paid on arrival at the lake.

Food Package
Year 2024 £140
Year 2025 £140

Bait Packages

As with any venue, being on the going bait can make a world of difference to your catch rate. At Lake Ruby we have been feeding our carp with a supplementary high protein low oil pellet, it’s almost become their natural food source. This pellet is available to purchase from us at €55.00 per 25kg sack in 6mm or 8mm sizes. It can be a real edge and help you put more fish on the bank.

Bait Package no1

This bundles includes: 10kg of Red Spice boilies, 1 tub of Red Spice pop ups or wafters, 1 bottle of bait spray, 1 bottle of glug, 1 bucket (15L) of pellet, 3 buckets (45l) of particle.  

Total cost €145 a saving of €45

Bait Package no2

This bundles includes: 7X 15l buckets of either, Particle, Pellet or Pellet and Boilie.

(Please not the boilies are overruns, they are a mixture of different sizes and flavours)

Total cost €120

Why not add: 10kg of house boilie for an extra €35

Total cost €155

Bait Package no3

This bundles includes: 5x 25kg of sacks of pellet, Get One FREE

Total cost €275

Individual Bait Prices

  • Red spice boilies €8 per kg
  • Pop ups €10
  • Wafters €10
  • Particle €20 per 15L bucket
  • Pellet €20 per 15L bucket
  • Bait spray €10 per bottle
  • Glug€10 per bottle
  • 25kg sack of pellet €55
  • Pellet mixed with boilie €25 per 15L bucket

Boat Hire

We have rowing boats available for hire at €30.00 for the week. These can help you locate the carp, identify spots to fish as well as bait up quickly and accurately. No need for hours of spodding. You can also hire an electric outboard motor and boat for €100. Any boat hire needs to be paid on arrival at the lake.